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Bold Woman, Love!

By Matt Miwa / 2017-19

A modern and very loose interpretation of the Greek myth of Electra (Oedipus’ feminine counterpart), the play transitions from violent shock value to ever subtler and deeper intimacies and vulnerabilities. Exploring a world of either frustrated, humiliating and/or bewildering erotic relationships, the momentum of the play moves not only towards release, but more importantly towards self-acceptance and self-love.


Originally supported by the Ottawa Fringe through a 2016 Ontario Arts Council Theatre Creators’ Reserve Grant, (now called Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators) Bold Woman, Love! marks Matt’s first foray into professional playwriting and now, directing. Through under development, Matt and his team are set to explore the tricky performative and dramaturgical dimensions of Bold Woman, Love! a text best defined as a melodramatic dream play.