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Monstrous, or, The Miscegenation Advantage

Created and Performed by Sarah Waisvisz
Directed by Eleanor Crowder
Original Sound & Music by Mikki Bradshaw
Stage Managed by Madeleine Boyes-Manseau
Dramaturgy by Emily Pearlman
Choreography by Shara Weaver
Ottawa, ON


How do you answer “Who are you?” and “What are you?” when the questions have no answer?

Heir to the traumatic histories of Africa, the Caribbean, and European Jewry, a woman interrogates who she is and who she could be while navigating family lore, genetics, conflicting histories, and the complexity of being biracial in our “multicultural” Canadian society. An interdisciplinary show for anyone who is also seeking belonging somewhere, somehow …

Monstrous, or, The Miscegenation Advantage was created as part of the under development program, and with the financial support of GCTC, b current, the City of Ottawa, and individual heroes, since 2016 Monstrous has been performed in Montreal, Toronto, Philadelphia, and Athens GA.