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Created and performed by Hilary Wear as ‘Gnabby Boomer
Villiers, ON | 20 mins
Free Programming
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Qi gong may be an unregrettable, calming-energizing practice. A seasonally-directed, culture grounded method to support and sustain wellbeing it is being offered by this Clown as a trustworthy shared experience activity to do, alone or together. Winter is a period of stillness & these playful movements can maintain our warmth and tranquility.

Qi-Gong-idaa! (Let’s all Do Qi-Gong together!)

‘Gnabby Boomer, a Clown from this earth, offers chance-chosen song-sized Qi Gong sessions.

Please Self-Select =Join or not, watch or not= Honour your Agency!

If you do what ‘Gnabby does-you will feel what you feel.

Adapts for everybody and age.

P.S. If you wear chemical scents you can fully participate, kindly without coming near Clown. Also , look around for the #StopEcocide Petition and consider signing? Miigwech

P.P.S. It’s Anishinaabemowin, a language from this land, you’ll hear if ‘Gnabby speaks.

Hilary Wear is a theatre artist who currently trusts (and offers) 3 things: Performance (through Clown-ing), Indigenous Seasonal Culture-Grounded mind-body-spirit-emo practice (through Qi Gong-ing), Natural Law ( through Anishinaabemowin and Mshkiikiwag). Hilary works as a Therapeutic Clown for both pediatric and geriatric institutionalized populations and would like to take a duo Clowning practice into prison ( just for a few hours a week!)