Photo credit: Alejandro Santiago

A Quiptake and Pandemic Theatre Co-production
Co-presented by NAC English Theatre
Created by Adam Lazarus, Ann-Marie Kerr, Jiv Parasram and Melissa D’Agostino
Performed by Adam Lazarus
Directed by Ann-Marie Kerr

Produced by Jivesh Parasram and Tom Arthur Davis
Sound design by Richard Feren
Lighting design by Michelle Ramsay

Toronto, Ontario
60 minutes | Mature


Blurring the lines between truth and fiction, autobiography and fantasy, Daughter is a darkly satirical piece about a father, raised in patriarchy, confronting his new identity as a patriarch. Stuck in a moment of confusion, Daughter asks where new dads are supposed to file away the wilder ideas and experiences of their earlier lives, and confronts the subtle and not so subtle ways we condone and encourage misogyny.

“Boys will be boys,” after all.


FRIDAY, February 9 at 7:00pm
SATURDAY, February 10 at 7:00pm
National Arts Centre, Rossy Pavilion

All performances of Daughter will be followed by a talkback.


“Adam Lazarus’s one man show provides an enormous psychological impact. Daughter leaves an audience challenged and deeply unnerved from exposure to the ugliness of misogyny.” ★★★★★ – Mark Kay, Torontoist

“Critics’ Pick. Its themes are more urgent than ever … this is a strong, disturbing play, one you’ll need to discuss with friends afterwards.” ★★★★
– Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

“A+. Must-see. Daughter is the scariest show I’ve seen all year, as dangerously engaging (and genuinely funny) as it is brutally visceral.” – Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World

“Adam Lazarus is both delightful and depraved … This is the first show I have seen where I don’t want to write a review. I just want to say, go and experience it, as I feel anything I write will take away from the true — almost philosophical — experience of Daughter.” – Jeff Kerr, Mooney on Theatre


  • WINNER: Outstanding Production, New Play, Direction, & Performance, Now Magazine (2016)
  • HONOURABLE MENTION: Spotlight Award For Performance, Summerworks (2016)
  • WINNER: Outstanding Solo Performance, My Theatre Awards (2017)