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Q&A: Arthur Milner

Photo Credit: Jacqui Jensen-Roy

One of Ottawa’s most prolific playwrights, Arthur Milner‘s new play, Getting to Room Temperature (read synopsis) brings valuable discussion and a healthy dose of play to a heavy issue.

Getting to Room Temperature has its world premiere at undercurrents on February 10th, and can also be caught on the 13th, 19th and 20th.

Why the choice to cast another actor for an autobiographical piece?

Arthur Milner: The original idea was for me to perform the piece, but I chickened out. I used to act a long time ago, but was never comfortable and had trouble remembering lines, so the idea of learning a one-person 75-minute show terrified me. And then I thought, a good actor would do it better than me anyway. And Robert Bockstael wanted to do it and he’s a great actor — and he’s known me a long time and he knew my mother, too.

Who in Ottawa do you want to see Getting to Room Temperature?

As we say in our ads, “For anyone who will die or knows someone who will.” It’s about something every single person does. And it’s funny, too. I guess it’s not of the most direct interest to people in their 50s or 60s with elderly parents. But really, we all know people in their 80s these days. 20-year-olds have really liked it.

As a deadline looms for Parliament to pass legislation re: assisted suicide – what message do you have for our MPs?

Message 1: Come see Getting to Room Temperature
Message 2: Show a little courage.
Message 3: Trust your constituents.