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Ottawa Fringe & Dominion City Brewing Co. present:

$3 beers & Free admission
5 à 7 at Arts Court Studio (a wheelchair accessible venue)

Friday, February 10
Ottawa Theatre So White: a discussion about art, inclusivity, and privilege
Moderator: Mahalia Golnosh Tahririha

Ottawa is a culturally vibrant and diverse city – but the makeup of our population is rarely mirrored on local stages. How can we make Ottawa’s theatre spaces more inclusive? What steps can we take to create positive change for underrepresented communities? It’s time to stop talking about inclusivity and to start being inclusive.

A discussion aimed at creating better allies.

Friday, February 17
Death of the Critic: how the changing media landscape affects independent artists
Moderator: Chris Hannay

Ottawa currently has no paid, professional theatre critics, and local arts coverage has been dwindling. But reviews are only one part of the equation. In this world of shrinking media, how do we get attention? And what role do we have in developing new critical voices?