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New Play Tuesday

7:00pm at Arts Court Studio

l-r: J. Katrina Wong, Pierre Brault and Joanne John


A staged reading of plays-in-progress, offering audiences a first look at new work by Ottawa playwrights J. Katrina Wong, Pierre Brault, and Joanne John. A short discussion will follow each reading. Admission is free

by J. Katrina Wong

There are two things most people hope for in life: true love and the dream career. But happens when you’re forced to make the hard choice between the two? For Sarah and Lacey, they never did have much luck in the love department, always settling for “good enough”. But when these two friends are suddenly forced to look at each other in a different light under the influence of Cupid’s arrow, the evolution of their relationship threatens the things they hold dear.

One of the reasons behind why I want to write this script is because I wanted to see myself (i.e. non-white, queer) reflected on stage more frequently. I also want to challenge myself to write a story that was gender exclusive, meaning that the story would remain the same regardless of the genders of the characters. At the same time, it also could not contain common issues of sexuality (i.e. explicitly mentioning and discussing at length a character’s sexual orientation), coming out LGBTQ, and non-acceptance of said issues being the central themes of the story. Specifically, I wanted to see more LGBTQ stories that were portrayed in the same manner as hetero-normative stories were told, in the manner that the sexuality/sexual orientation had no place in the story that unfolded on the stage, i.e. it wasn’t a factor to be considered.

Coach of the Year (working title)
by Pierre Brault

Daryl Conners is on a winning streak. His Junior A hockey team in Bathurst, New Brunswick. is racking up minor league records and is deemed unbeatable. The boys would do anything for him, their parents adore him and he has just won the title, Coach of the Year.

Not one for the spotlight, Daryl relaxes in his motel with his plaque and a beer when he is visited by a strange young man who seems to know more about Daryl’s past than he would like.

Inspired by the recent revelations of abuse in minor hockey (as well as other sports) Coach of the Year is an examination of what happens when a sexual abuse survivor confronts his abuser and how the power dynamic that is at the heart of abuse can be upended.

four whores and a pro
by Joanne John

four whores and a pro tells the story of four prostitutes who meet on a daily basis at a local drop-in centre to take refuge from the street. There they commiserate, argue, challenge and support each other while sharing experiences of disappointment, fear, despair and hope. The Centre is run by a social worker who is fighting the City’s decision to close the site while facing her own personal challenge.

I was inspired to write this play after hearing stories from a friend of a friend who worked as an outreach worker with street prostitutes. Also, at the time I lived in a neighbourhood where the local community association was trying to get rid of the women and girls who worked the corners to attract more upscale businesses. I was asked to write an article for the community newspaper in support of this but chose instead to write a poem called On Wellington Street which won 2nd prize in a Canadian Author’s Association poetry contest. Both of these events inspired me to write the play, written while a member of the National Art Centre’s Playwright’s Unit after which it was stage read by local actors and directed by former NAC Artistic Director, Marti Maraden.

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