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New Play Tuesday

NEW PLAY TUESDAY is a staged reading of plays-in-progress, offering audiences a first look at new work by Ottawa playwrights Ludmylla Mar Dos Reis, Emily Pearlman, and Matt Miwa.
A short discussion will follow each reading. Best of all? Admission is free.

Join us at NPT, Tuesday, February 12th, 7PM.

The Plays

by Ludmylla Mar Dos Reis

Salo = special recipe that works a pig’s fat until solid in an alchemical processing of the animal into a delicacy. Salomé = the Femme Fatale, a myth that casts a shadow over the woman, a tragic hero. Me = an artist tangled with a story for years. You = here to have it in a silver charger. “SALO-ME” transforms Oscar Wilde’s tragedy into a monologue where Salomé speaks to more than one unresponsive head.


DAREDEVIL (working title)
by Emily Pearlman

A woman goes over Niagara Falls in a barrel.
Another woman has a piece of herself extracted on an operating table.
Neither of them are present for either event.
An impossible conversation about being in the centre of things.


by Matt Miwa

Bold Woman, Love! is best defined as a melodramatic dream play.  A modern and loose interpretation of the Greek myth of Electra (Oedipus’ feminine counterpart), the play revolves around a love triangle between mother and daughter competing for the affections of a stranger and transitions from violent shock value to ever subtler intimacies and vulnerabilities.  Exploring a world of frustrated, humiliating and/or bewildering erotic relationships, the momentum of the play moves not only towards release, but more importantly towards self-acceptance and self-love.

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