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Fresh Meat Cabaret @ under development Industry Showcase

The Fresh Meat Festival and Ottawa Fringe have a long-standing relationship. One might even say we are “going steady”.

A small (yet growing) festival, Fresh Meat supports the creation of new work and budding artists, this Late Night Cabaret event is the perfect opportunity to highlight the important role the organization plays in the ecology of the Ottawa theatre community. The two projects that have been invited to remount their Fresh Meat shows have continued development since their 20-minute iterations. Canada is a large country; this showcase is one of those rare opportunities for Ottawa artists to share their work with a room of national presenters.

The Shows


Created & Performed by Maryse Fernandes

With our growing awareness of the importance of mental health, has our compassion for those struggling grown as well? What about the system itself? How does a diagnosis change the way we see ourselves? Discuss! ‘Happy to Be Here’ is a one clown tour-de-force written and performed by Maryse Fernandes. Join our clown as she works through the above questions and more…of course, in her own unique way.

Maryse Fernandes

Maryse Fernandes is an Ottawa based actor and writer with a specific interest in physical theatre and clown. She is a not-so-recent graduate of the Canterbury High School theatre programme and went on to train as an actor at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal.

The Show Since FM

Even after it’s debut at Fresh Meat 7, Happy to Be Here is very much still a fledgling piece. BUT! It’s growing each day with the performers personal discoveries around mental health, and through speaking with other minds from all walks of life to gather their experiences and opinions. If it sparks a laugh and rings true, it might be worth clowning about!


Co-created by Alan Shain, Frank Hull and Michele Decottignies
Performed by Alan Shain and Frank Hull
Produced by Stage Left Productions

Le Crip Bleu, the CripTease we’re thrilled to expose you to this evening, is now the opening of Closet Freaks, a highly original QueerCrip production from three of Canada’s most daring disabled artists: Alan Shain, Frank Hull and Michele Decottignies. Le Crip Bleu is a ballsy ​portrayal of disability as
desirability and an evocative sexual allegory. Two disabled guys. Mobility devices. Nudity. Need we say more? Perhaps we’ve said too much already.

Alan, Frank & Michele

Alan Shain, Frank Hull and Michele Decottignies have been co-creating sassy, disability-identified performances together since 1999. Our shared artistic vision is to position the lived experience of disability oppression as an abundant source of aesthetic innovation and political revelation. Aesthetically, we seek to embody resistance to the minimization and normalization of impairments and affirm disability as desirability. Narratively, we dare to invert dominant disability tropes
through cheeky exposés of the utterly ridiculous attitudes and experiences that society regularly foists upon disabled people. Like when they ask if we’ve ever had sex – or if it’s even possible? Le Crip Bleu will put these questions to bed.

The Show Since FM

Fresh Meat’s support for Le Crip Bleu, and the festival audience’s wholehearted reception of it, is what has given us the verve to “bare it all”. Closet Freaks has now become a much needed politically
autobiographical outlet for three artists who have been contributing work to Canada’s disability arts domain for 20 years now (and counting) – and not just for our bodies, but especially for the pride we take in our “abnormalities”.

The Fresh Meat Cabaret performs Sunday, February 17th @ 10:30PM | Arts Court Studio, 2 Daly Ave.  Purchase tickets.

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