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Norah Paton | Photo by Christopher Snow

Created and performed by Norah Paton
Dramaturgy by Brad Long and Emily Pearlman
Stage Managed by Connor Price-Kelleher
Set and Costumes by Dominique Coughlin
Lighting design by Sarah Mansikka
Sound design by AL Connors
Ottawa, ON


Every year over 65,000 people gather in the desert outside of Reno, Nevada to create a massive experiment in temporary community called Burning Man.  For one week participants live and play in an ephemeral city saturated with art, fire and radical self-expression.  With no money, no line-up and no spectators, Burning Man is part-festival, part-cult, part-trip to outer space.  A pilgrimage to the desert in search of an experience, a transformation and a story; Burnt is an exploration of Burning Man, its participants, and its culture, based heavily on recordings of interviews, dust storms, music and chaos.