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Photography: David A Jakcson

An Aplombusrhombus Production
Created & Performed by Mitchel Rose and Madeleine Hall
Directed by Mitchel Rose
Sound Design & Composition by Julien Dussault
Featuring Julien Dussault (guitar and piano), Scottie Irving (piano and accordion), Angela Schleihauf (oboe and English horn)
Set Design by John Doucet
Artistic Associate Andy Massingham

Ottawa, Ontario
55 minutes | PG


A clown show about Alzheimer’s! No, really. Two clowns are in a tug of war over the omnipresent but invisible man. One as Memory, one as Disease, they illustrate the heartbreaking and hilarious realities at play when tug of war turns to capture the flag in a mind unraveling game at the hands of a crippling disease. Cardinal premiered at the 2016 Ottawa Fringe, where it was praised by audiences and critics alike, and won the University of Ottawa Emerging Artist Award. Taking place in the imagined space inside a person’s mind, two performers depict an intimate battle between Memory and Disease as the latter lays her claim to the space, slowly transforming it from cardinal red to stark white. A trio of accomplished musicians join to perform a live rendition of an original score.

Cardinal is supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa.

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WEDNESDAY, February 12 at 7:00pm
FRIDAY, February 14 at 9:00pm
SATURDAY, February 15 at 3:00pm
Arts Court Theatre

Service fees + HST are included in all prices.

*This year, tickets are a “Pick Your Price” model.  All tickets are general admission and priced at $5, $20, $50 & $75.  Choose your own price, no questions asked.  Read more about it here.


Cardinal is a powerfully affecting, clown-based journey into Alzheimer’s disease” – The Ottawa Citizen

  • EMERGING ARTIST AWARD – Ottawa Fringe Festival (2016)
  • Nominee EMERGING ARTIST AWARD Mitchel Rose, Prix Rideau Awards (2017)
  • Nominee EMERGING ARTIST AWARD Madeleine Hall, Prix Rideau Awards (2017)


Madeleine Hall – Creator & Performer
Madeleine Hall is an Ottawa-based theatre creator, writer, performer, and co-Artistic Director of the award-winning physical theatre collective Aplombusrhombus. Recent credits include Sylvia at The Gladstone (Prix Rideau Award Nomination for Outstanding Female Performance) and Assistant Director for Odyssey Theatre’s The Bonds of Interest. Her full-length solo project Ethel premiered at the 2017 Ottawa Fringe, where it received festival awards for Outstanding New Work and Outstanding Overall Production, as well as Prix Rideau Award nominations for Outstanding New Creation and Outstanding Emerging Artist. Her work has been mounted at festivals across Canada, including national Fringe festivals and Ottawa’s undercurrents and Fresh Meat. She holds a BA from McGill University, and trained at The Ottawa Theatre School and L’École Philippe Gaulier.

Mitchel Rose – Creator, Performer & Director
Mitchel is a four-time Prix Rideau Award nominee, co-artistic director of the award winning Aplombusrhombus Collective and a graduate of the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris, France. Recent acting credits include A Midsummer Nights Dream with A Company of Fools( Prix Rideau award nomination for Outstanding Male Performance), Albumen by Mishka Lavigne, The Bonds of Interest with Odyssey Theatre and Swan River with Skeleton Key Theatre (actor and movement director). Mitchel directed Aplombusrhombus’ production Ethel which won Outstanding Production and Outstanding New Creation at the 2017 Ottawa Fringe and earned a Prix Rideau Award nomination for Outstanding New Creation. When not clowning around onstage, Mitchel can be found rolling around in the grass looking for bugs with his niece and nephews. 

Julien Dussault – Sound Design & Composition
Julien Dussault is a freelance songwriter, composer and musician based in Ottawa by way of The Hague, Holland. Julien has been writing and recording music with his art-rock five-piece Pony Girl since 2011. The Ottawa collective have been lauded for their “evocative soundscapes” (CBC Radio), “ability to push the boundaries that define ‘pop-rock’” (Mixtape Magazine), and “musical depth quite astonishing to experience” (Exclaim!) since the release of their debut album in 2013. Through his work with Pony Girl and backing a number of other successful artists from across Canada, Julien has taken part in multiple Canada-wide tours with performance highlights including: Ottawa Jazzfest, Le Festival d’Été de Québec, the National Arts Centre, Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa CityFolk, POP Monteral, Outremont Theatre, SappyFest and Halifax Pop Explosion. He is also the recipient of the FEQ Emerging Artist 2015 Award for having a “high level of innovation and musicality, continuous community involvement, exceptional performance quality and on-stage presence”. Julien co-owns and operates Ottawa’s not-for-profit record label So Sorry Records as well as the not-for-profit arts promotion company Pop Drone, whose purpose is to create opportunities for regional talent to be exposed locally, nationally and digitally. Pop Drone has been producing music shows, booking tours, promoting albums and a slew of other arts events in Ottawa since 2012; with the purpose of generating both revenue and visibility for local musicians and to connect them with artists from other cities including, so far, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Rotterdam, Brussels and Halifax.