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Grocery Store

Other[ed] Productions
Created by Ryan Pepper & Isabela Solis-Lozano
Performed by Alicia Plummer
Directed by Isabela Solis-Lozano

Ottawa / Toronto, Ontario

45 minutes | PG

Part of the Discovery Series


All the world’s a grocery store, and all the men and women merely bitter cashiers.

This is the story of one cashier’s tragic descent into madness–but not before she scans your groceries, debates the absurdity of late stage capitalism, and converses with higher powers.

Grocery Store combines scathing monologues about low wage work with a good dose of sarcasm, humour, and magical realism to explore the inner life and social milieu of a very disgruntled cashier. Informed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but not constrained by it, Grocery Store brings the supermarket to the stage.

Content Notes:

Please note that this show has loud sudden noises, bright lights (with sudden change to darkness at times), shouting and swearing. There are characters eating on stage with smells of food. There are also discussions of mental health, references to war, and sexual content. 


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Please note that proof of vaccination and masks will be required at all undercurrents shows.


Alicia Plummer (actor)
Alicia Plummer is an actor/creator from Scarborough, Ontario. This past year she has done clowning with Carousel Players, and played Belize in a reading of Angel’s In America: Millennium Approaches, done by Little Wood Smith and Timber Beast Productions. She’s delighted to act for Other[ed] Productions again. Look out for her work with Obsidian Theatre’s Playwrights Unit in June!

Ryan Pepper (playwright)
Ryan Pepper works with words a lot–in fact, he has a degree in them. Also relevant: he spent the first 15 months of the pandemic as a cashier at a grocery store. Grocery Store is his second play after CanLit Can Suck It (2020, Other[ed] Productions). He is originally from Southwestern Ontario and is currently a graduate student at uOttawa.

Isabela Solis-Lozano (director)
Isabela Solis-Lozano is an emerging theatre creator and arts worker based in Toronto. When she is not writing, directing, and producing plays with Other[ed] Productions, Isabela is the current Executive Management Intern at both the Toronto Fringe as well as the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA), funded by the Metcalf Foundation’s Performing Art Internship program. More: