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Home Sweet… Something

A Litera Pro Production
Created & Performed by Ayesha Chubb, Zaakirah Chubb & Ludmylla Reis

Ottawa, Ontario
50 minutes | G


A dark room.  A voice; “They call me Master v.8.71 beta. I’d like to welcome you all to our Escape Room.” Sixty minutes on the clock.

Three women wake up in a place they don’t remember going to; they don’t know each other, but they know they have one hour to score as many points as they can to win their way out.  How? By correctly defining their personal heritage, values and ethics.

The real question: how do you beat a broken system?

Home Sweet…something. is a new satire from Ayesha Chubb, Zaakirah Chubb and Ludmylla Reis about being forced to answer for who you are to find your freedom.


FRIDAY, February 7 at 9:30pm
SATURDAY, February 8 at 2:30pm
Library Studio
Home Sweet…Something is a work in progress performance, as part of the Discovery Series.


Zaakirah Chubb – Creator & Performer
Zaakirah Chubb is a multidisciplinary, multicultural artist based in Ottawa, Ontario with a Bachelors of Art in Theatre from the University of Ottawa, specializing in Acting. Using rhythm, music, and scientific themes, she aims to invert, subvert, and play with conventional ideas and rules present in songwriting, theatre and character creation, and poetry. Her artistic research is strongly tied to the communities which she supports and cares for.

Ayesha Chubb – Creator & Performer
Ayesha Chubb is a mixed-race artist currently residing in Ottawa, recently graduated with honours from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts. Outside of painting, she composes music and has experience in theatre. In her visual art she tends to explore themes pertaining to her feelings as a person of mixed descent, such as confusion of identity, lack of belonging, and expressing those associated emotions, and is interested in developing these ideas in a theatrical context.

Ludmylla Reis – Creator & Performer
Ludmylla Holds a B.A in acting from Brazil and a MFA on Directing from Canada. They’re eager to have diverse minds in their projects as they believes in theatre’s celebratory power coming from our different perspectives. Their works draw inspiration from myths, dreams, rituals, gatherings and musicality to tell contemporary stories.