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Little Boxes

By Gabrielle Lazarovitz / 2016-18

Meet Paul and Lauren. Highly educated, underemployed suburbanites. Paul’s lost his job. Lauren works double shifts. They don’t know their neighbours. Not their names, anyway. How are you supposed to worry about your neighbours when you barely have time to worry about yourself? Paycheck to paycheck. Precarity.

Driving home. Streetlights are out. A moment of distraction behind the wheel. What was that?

Faced with a moral dilemma, their lives – past, present, possible futures – flash before their eyes.


Little Boxes was originally formed through a collaboration between Gabrielle Lazarovitz, Brad Long, and Kevin Orr working in the Theatre 4.669 Summer Lab program. After a year of work in Arts Court through under development, Gabrielle premiered Little Boxes as part of the 2018 undercurrents festival in February, working with director Adam Paolozza.

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