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My Good Friend Jay

Created, Performed, & Directed by Montana Adams

Akwesasne / Ottawa, Ontario

45 minutes | PG


In short, this play is about Akwesasne. This play is about childhood. This play is about smuggling. This play is about Indigenous sovereignty. This play is about family. This play is about the Mohawks of Akwesasne.

We can focus on the physical and the cultural. How our traditions got tangled in this web of politics and ideologies, which only caused our people to suffer. How we persist and continue. How close and personal the land is to our very livelihood, how people don’t understand and how we don’t really care if you can’t understand. How we say we’re not going to coddle you after everything is done. Not after all the patience we’ve spent already.

Akwesasne is cut into four separate jurisdictions: One district in Ontario, two in Quebec, and one in New York State. To people who are not aware or used to this fact, it’s fascinating. It’s intricate. It begs more explanation and more questions.

To us it’s an inconvenient and, most of the time, dull reality. Until we decide it isn’t.

Content Notes:

Please note that this play makes allusions to police brutality and mentions drug pedophilia, rape, drunk driving, poverty, systemic racism and genocide. As well the play does mention and uses some racist language. 

For more detailed notes you can ask at the box office.


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*Thursday, April 28 will be a reduced capacity performance.

Please note that proof of vaccination and masks will be required at all undercurrents shows.


“Adams is a brilliantly gifted storyteller and My Good Friend Jay is a powerful work.” – apt613

Winner of the 2019 University of Ottawa Emerging Artist Award


Montana Adams is member of the Mohawks of Akwesasne and a University of Ottawa graduate student. Her storytelling is based in Akwesasronon tradition and culture, and is exploring the ways to further decolonize her theatrical experiences in order to celebrate Indigeneity. Currently her practice is based in Akwesasne, Ontario.