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The Persistent Stain

Parry Riposte Productions

Created by Geoff McBride & Margo MacDonald
Performed by Margo MacDonald, Geoff McBride, Nick DiGaetano, & Trevor Lubin
Directed by Patrick Gauthier
Stage Managed by Arielle Voght Rebecca Eamon Campbell

Music Direction & Composed by Nick Di Gaetano
Costumes and Makeup designed by Vanessa Imeson and Patrice-Ann Forbes
Lighting designed by Laura Brink
Live Sound Operations by Jon Carter
Associate Produced & Graphics by VW Titus

Ottawa / Toronto, Ontario

75 minutes | 14A

a World Premiere

Please note that the following are working with the permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association: Rebecca Eamon Campbell, Patrick Gauthier, Margo MacDonald, and Geoff McBride.


What do you do when you’ve followed your dream but the dream is no longer enough?

“The Persistent Stain” is a second-wave Canadian punk band that’s been slogging it out on the small touring circuit for decades. Now they find themselves in their 50s still pursuing the dreams in their 20s. As they struggle through yet another gig in yet another nowhere town, Joey Blank and Maxie Staines ask themselves: Should they stay, or should they go?

Maxie and Joey are the only ones left alive from the original band; they travel with the ghosts of their former bandmates. “Aristotle’s Dick” was their only hit song, and now a younger, hipper band wants to steal it. The pair have to decide if giving up the song also means giving up the dream.

A comedy which also hits hard, asks tough questions, and touches on soft spots—the show includes original songs played live.

Content Notes:

This show features live music and includes an opening live band. Please note that this includes show includes instances of physical and insinuated violence, as well as instances of loud, passionate conflict between the two main characters. This show engages in discussions of sex, sexuality and gender. Additionally, there are discussions and references to death, mental health, substance abuse and addiction, Covid and incarceration. The character swear throughout the show using most notably the use of the f-word, and some derogatory language such as the term fag. There is heavy drinking throughout the show, and within the SAW Studio, there is a bar where people can order food and drinks. The performers will enter and exit through the audience at times. Please note that there is the use of haze throughout the performance.

For more details about the show you can ask the box office or request a copy of the script. 

At the door there are complimentary earplugs if you would like to use them.


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Please note that proof of vaccination and masks will be required at all undercurrents shows.

The Persistent Stain will have ear plugs available by request for those who want them.



“[The Persistent Stain] knew how to captivate the audience and instill the kind of ponder creative types would usually be more susceptible to.” – apt613

For our previous work:
Geoff McBride – Solo Collective (Vancouver) Emerging Playwright Competition (Finalist)
Margo MacDonald – Multiple prix Rideau Awards, Capital Critics’ Circle (Best Actor)
Nick Di Gaetano – Multiple prix Rideau Awards


Geoff McBride (Creator/Performer) is an Ottawa based theatre creator. He went to see a punk show in 1983 and was inspired to make noise in the Skat Faction and Calamity Janes. Then he ran away to study theatre. He has performed with a Company of Fools, GCTC, THUNK!theatre, Neptune, Alive Theatre, Two Planks, Eastern Front and the Stratford Festival.

Margo MacDonald (Creator/Performer) is a multi-award winning actor and playwright, known to Ottawa audiences from her work with undercurrents, GCTC, the Fringe, & A Company of Fools. For the past six years, she has been touring her solo play, The Elephant Girls, to sold-out audiences both nationally and internationally.

Patrick Gauthier (Director) is an Ottawa-based playwright, director, and theatre maker. He was formerly the Festival Director of Ottawa Fringe & the undercurrents: theatre below the mainstream festival. Patrick is the recipient of three Prix Rideau Awards, the Council for the Arts in Ottawa RBC Emerging Artist Award (2010), and First Place in the Magnetic Words Playwriting Competition.

Nick Di Gaetano (Composer/Performer—Guitarist) is a musician and comedian. He’s toured all over and won some theatre awards. He played in the Hardcore band Van Johnson in the 00’s. Sound Design/Composter/Music Director credits include: Princesse de Personne, Les Z’Inspirées 8+9, Toronto I Love You, La Grande Jatte, Solstice d’Hiver, Countries Shaped Like Stars and Unbridled Futurism. His favourite punk bands are Jawbreaker and Lifetime.

Trevor Lubin (Performer—Drummer) is a multi-instrumentalist, music educator, and performer. A founding member of Ottawa’s Ramblin’ Valley Band, he’s since gone on to work with several Ontario groups, including Jessica Pearson and The East Wind, the Doc Yates Band, and Red Heaven, and has begun working with Craig Cardiff as a recording engineer.

Vanessa Imeson (Costume and Makeup Design)

Patrice-Ann Forbes (Costume and Makeup Design)

Laura Wheeler (Lighting Design)

Rebecca Eamon Campbell (Stage Manager)

Arielle Voght (Stage Manager)

Jon Carter (Live Sound Operator) is a sound designer and engineer. He was formerly the Technical Director at the Great Canadian Theatre Company and now works at the National Arts Centre. For many years, Carter was the sound operator for The Riptides, an Ottawa-based punk band.