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The Persistent Stain premiered as a full production at the 2022 undercurrents festival.

a Parry Riposte production
Created & Performed by Geoff McBride & Margo MacDonald
Composed by Nick Di Gaetano

Ottawa, ON

30 minutes | Mature


Canadian punk band The Persistent Stain have been slogging it out on the independent music circuit – dive bars, basement clubs, small town arenas – for over 25 years. Thanks to their “hit” song Aristotle’s Dick making its way onto the soundtrack for a major motion picture, band members Joey Blank and Maxie Staines find themselves more popular than ever, but that’s not saying much. What do you do when you’ve followed your dream, but the dream is no longer enough?

A play about creating art, losing your way, finding your place… and some fucking loud music.

A work-in-progress, created as part of the under development program.


THURSDAY, February 7 at 10:30pm
FRIDAY, February 8 at 10:30pm
SATURDAY, February 9 at 10:30pm
Arts Court Studio


Margo MacDonald – Creator & Performer
Margo MacDonald is a multi-award winning artist who has been performing and creating theatre professionally for the past twenty-seven years in Ottawa and has recently moved to Toronto, Ontario. She has created many new works collaboratively with other artists, but has also turned her hand to solo playwriting. Margo is the co-founder of A Company of Fools (1990) and with them has co-created such shows as: Shakespeare’s Danish Play; A Mid-Winter’s Dream Tale; Hal & Falstaff; Tempest in a Teapot; Richard III:in Bouffon; Lady Macbeth; and Pomme &‘Restes: Shipwrecked! on the Tempestuous Lost Island of Never (co-written with Scott Florence and AL Connors), which premiered at the Great Canadian Theatre Company in November 2014.
Her first solo-written script, Shadows, was originally mounted in a workshop production at the Ottawa Fringe Festival (2010) where it won three of the highest awards possible (Outstanding Overall Production, Fan Favourite, Best in Fest), was nominated for two Capital Critics Circle Awards (Best Director and Best Actress), and was picked up by the Great Canadian Theatre Company to appear in the inaugural, undercurrents: Theatre Below the Mainstream festival (2011). A new staging of Shadows was presented at Videofag in Toronto (curated by Jordan Tannahill and William Ellis) to great acclaim in April 2014. In April 2015, it played to a sold-out house and rave reviews at the Tea House Theatre in London, England.
Her most recent play, The Elephant Girls, premiered at the 2015 Ottawa Fringe Festival where it played to 100% sold-out houses and won the Outstanding Production, Critics’ Pick for Best Show, and Best of Fest awards. It then was moved to a larger theatre and held over for two additional performances, which also sold out. The show was part of undercurrents in 2017 and has toured ever since, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and several stops in the UK and Ireland, as well as throughout Ontario.
Margo was a member of the Great Canadian Theatre Company’s Playwrights Unit (2009) where she completed the second draft of her play, Maupin, an excerpt of which was given a staged reading at the Magnetic North Festival. A near-final draft of this play was completed and given a public reading in a workshop sponsored by the TACTICS series in Ottawa, February 2018.
As a member of The Absinthe Collective, she co-wrote and performed A Leave of Absinthe (2008), a project which toured to the Montreal and Ottawa Fringe festivals and went on to receive support from the Magnetic North Theatre Festival through a TCR Grant.
Other projects include: Much Ado About Feckin’ Pirates!, an almost entirely improvised show created and performed with Richard Gelinas (and through development workshops with Kevin Orr, Theatre 4.669). It premiered at The Gladstone in 2014, was remounted as part of the 2015 undercurrents festival at Arts Court Theatre, and at the Toronto Festival of Clowns (June 2015).
She is a three-time recipient of the Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding Performance (Iron, SevenThirty Productions; Fly Me to the Moon, GCTC; The Elephant Girls, Parry Riposte Productions), and won the Capital Critics’ Circle award for Best Actress (The Elephant Girls, Parry Riposte Productions).

Geoff McBride – Creator & Performer
Geoff McBride is an actor and writer based in Ottawa. He was a member of the Halifax-based Alive Theatre Company who produced his first two plays: Shakespeare Robs A Bank and Smarter Monkeys. His play Quit was produced by Live Bait Theatre in 2005. He has also written for CBC Radio Drama (Decoup’s Revenge & Don’t Get out Of the Boat) and the animated television series Olliver’s Adventures.
Geoff’s monologue, You Win, was a finalist in the Solo Collective (Vancouver) Emerging Playwright Competition and was subsequently produced by the New Theatre of Ottawa’s Extremely Short Play Festival 2012. In 2012, his piece Birth of a Coward was published in the anthology Rattling the Stage (McGraw-Hill Ryerson).
Geoff is currently part of THUNK! theatre, along with Karen Balcome. This dynamic theatre duo has created three experiential shows Bread (developed at 4.669, produced at the undercurrents Festival 2013 and part of the AOE’s Neighbourhood Arts 150 project in 2017), The Lost & Find (produced at subDevision 2016), TOLERENCE (produced at Fresh Meat IV) and 30/50 (produced by THUNK! for the inaugural season of CSArt Ottawa). THUNK! also wrote and produced the play Far & Near & Here, which premiered at the 2015 undercurrents Festival.
As an actor, Geoff has appeared in shows at Stratford Festival, Neptune Theatre, Two Planks and a Passion, Live Bait, Eastern Front, Crow’s Theatre, The Great Canadian Theatre Company and a Company of Fools.

Nick Di Gaetano – Composer
Nick is a musician and comedian whose performance/creation career includes clown shows, puppet shows, improv shows, shows for children, punk/hardcore bands, performance art, voice overs and a ton of original music for stage, screen and recorded mediums. As a self-described professional collaborator and renaissance (hu)man he is the co-artistic director of Mi Casa Theatre in Ottawa, an Associate Artist with The Old Trout Puppet Workshop in Calgary and a Resident Artist at the Bad Dog Comedy Theatre in Toronto.