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The Shit Show

An Emergence Production
Created and performed by Luna Allison
Ottawa, Ontario
25 minutes | Mature


The cultural load that we dump on defecation pressures us to immediately divorce ourselves from our poop as soon as it leaves our bodies. In fact, anything that acknowledges the digestive process at all – burping, farting or stomach gurgles – is cause for tremendous social embarrassment. Such an intense and abiding aversion to poo exists, despite how regularly and intimately we have to interact with it.

From its usefulness in agricultural production to the necessity of sewage treatment, from scat fetishes to the broad appeal of toilet humour, our attitudes about shit say a lot about who we are.

A work-in-progress.  

THURSDAY, February 8 at 10:30pm
FRIDAY, February 9 at 10:30pm
SATURDAY, February 10 at 10:30pm
Arts Court Studio


“Rarely does one see such a well-rounded and professionally-executed performance. … A truly great moment of theatre.” – Rajka Stefanovska, Capital Critics’ Circle

Falling Open is well executed and conceived. It is artful, playful and genuine. It is worth the trek.” – Jared Davidson, Fully Fringed

“Mostly thanks to Luna’s charismatic and fearless presence, Falling Open is one of the most mesmerizing and powerful things you’ll ever see, never making the mistake of lapsing into heavy-handedness. Luna’s a wondrous performer, and I feel dopey for only having discovered her now.” – Kevin Reid, Visitorium

“Luna Allison’s performance of both George and The Girl, portraits of complex, embedded and intentionally problematic humanity, disrupt all categories of good and evil, victim and victimized.” – Faizal Deen,


  • WINNER: Outstanding Original Work for Falling Open at the Ottawa Fringe Festival (2011)