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Cart Before the Horse Theatre

Music by Martin Dawagne
Voice by Magan Carty
Directed by Martin Dawagne

Ottawa, Ontario / Brussels, Belgium

50 minutes | G


YARNS is an ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration between Francophone/Belgian musician, Martin Dawagne and Anglophone/Canadian actor, Magan Carty.

The concept was born in Brussels, Belgium and the result is a hybrid between a rock concert and contemporary theatre play; a one-man symphony of multi-layered live looping and distortion, interspersed with original spoken prose.

The songs of Yarns are the musical tracings of a spirit fleeing on itself. Rather than a collection of tracks, it is a succession of sound paintings and meditative prose about escapism and removal.

In addition to the paradoxes of relocation – excitement, doubt, guilt, inspiration – Yarns finds its source in the struggle against mental disorders, no matter their form.

The pieces performed in the set transform from cinematic/ethereal moments to noisy/distorted epics.

Please note that this show features loud live music, sudden changes in light and discussions of mental health. 


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*Friday, April 22 will be a reduced capacity performance.


Please note that proof of vaccination and masks will be required at all undercurrents shows.


Reviews & Awards

Yarns won the Instrumental Album of the Year Award from Ottawa Sound.

Martin was nominated for a Prix Rideau Award in the Sound Design of the Year Category for his work on the show Un Conte de l’Apocalypse.

Magan was nominated for Prix Rideau Awards for their work on Lungs and Perfect Pie.


Martin Dawagne (he/him)
Martin is an expatriated musician based in Ottawa. He works as a composer/sound designer for various theatre companies across Quebec and Ontario. He often performs and tours under the moniker of Yarns.

Magan Carty (they/them)
Magan is an actor, theatre-maker, writer, and educator. They are the founder of multi-award-winning company Cart Before the Horse Theatre. Magan is deeply passionate about telling stories that resonate with them on a personal level and using art as a way to heal.