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World Premieres

LIVE From the Belly of a Whale.  Photo: Alex Cairncross. 2012.

undercurrents Theatre Festival is committed to highlighting new works and providing a space to experiment.  Since 2011, undercurrents has proudly brought to the stage 16 world premieres, with more to come.


  • Coach of the Year by Pierre Brault
  • Light(less) by Second Step Theatre (Montana Adams, Monica Bradford-Lea, Caterina Fiorindi, Even Gilchrist, Nicholas Leno & Franco Pang)


  • Forstner & Fillister Present: Forstner & Fillister In: Forstner & Fillister by F & F Theatre (David Benedict Brown, Will Somers & Madeleine Boyes-Manseau)
  • Little Boxes by Little Boxes Collective (Gabrielle Lazarovitz & Brad Long)




  • Far & Near & Here by THUNK!theatre (Karen Balcome & Geoff McBride)


  • Ciseaux by Théâtre Rouge Écarlate (Lisa L’Heureux)
  • The Tashme Project: The Living Archives by Julie Tamiko Manning & Matt Miwa


  • Bread by THUNK!theatre in collaboration with Theatre 4.669 (Emily Pearlman, Karen Balcome & Geoff McBride)
  • Ladies of the Lake by Skeleton Key Theatre (Kate Smith, Catriona Leger & John Doucet)
  • Skin by Deluxe Hot Sauce (Nick Carpenter, Sarah Finn, Chantal Hayman, Anne Janelle, Annie Lefebvre, Kelly Rigole, Martha Ross, Alix Sideris, Doreen Taylor-Claxton & Kristina Watt)


  • …and then it happens by Two Little Birds (Sarah Conn, Kiersten Hanly, Laura Astwood & Guy Marsan)
  • LIVE From the Belly of a Whale by Mi Casa Theatre (Nicolas Di Gaetano & Emily Pearlman)


  • Bifurcate Me by Theatre 4.669 (Andy Massingham, Julie Le Gal, Nathaly Charette & Annie Lefevbre)