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9th annual: February 4-17, 2019

Produced by Ottawa Fringe. Our winter festival shows the best original, contemporary theatre being created by Ottawa performers and visiting artists.

Since 2011, undercurrents has brought to stage 16 world premieres. Festival founders GCTC hosted from 2011–2014.

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2018:  Forstner & Fillister Present: Forstner & Fillister In: Forstner & Fillister by David Benedict Brown, Will Somers and Madeleine Boyes-Manseau (F & F Theatre); Little Boxes by Gabrielle Lazarovitz & Brad Long (Little Boxes Collective).

2017:  Burnt by Norah Paton; Un-Countried, by Stéphanie Turple (Theatre 4.669).

2016:  Getting to Room Temperature by Arthur Milner (Room Temperature Collective); Monstrous, or, The Miscegenation Advantage by Sarah Waiswisz (Calalou); Particle by Kristina Watt & Martha Ross (100 Watt Productions).

2015: Far & Near & Here by Karen Balcome & Geoff McBride (THUNK!theatre).

2014: Ciseaux by Lisa L’Heureux (Théâtre Rouge Écarlate); The Tashme Project: The Living Archives by Julie Tamiko Manning & Matt Miwa.

2013: Bread by Karen Balcome & Geoff McBride (THUNK!theatre in collaboration with Theatre 4.669 and Emily Pearlman); Ladies of the Lake by Kate Smith, Catriona Leger, and John Doucet (Skeleton Key Theatre); Skin by Nick Carpenter, Sarah Finn, Chantal Hayman, Anne Janelle, Annie Lefebvre, Kelly Rigole, Martha Ross, Alix Sideris, Doreen Taylor-Claxton, and Kristina Watt (Deluxe Hot Sauce).

2012: …and then it happens by Sarah Conn, Kiersten Hanly, Laura Astwood, and Guy Marsan (Two Little Birds); LIVE From the Belly of a Whale by Nicolas Di Gaetano and Emily Pearlman (Mi Casa Theatre).

2011: Bifurcate Me by Andy Massingham, Julie Le Gal, Nathaly Charette, and Annie Lefevbre (Theatre 4.669).