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Monstrous, or, The Miscegenation Advantage

by Sarah Waisvisz / 2015-16

What does it mean to live at the intersection?

Armed with a suitcase full of secrets, one woman brings to the surface family stories, lies, DNA, and past journeys in order to understand who she is.

Heir to the losses of the African diaspora and the Holocaust, she confronts her desire for acceptance, her own prejudices, and the complexity of being multi-racial in our “Multicultural” Canadian society. A show for anyone who is seeking, if not a home, then at least belonging somewhere, somehow.


Waisvisz was the first under development participant, working on her first solo show, Monstrous.

Since premiering at undercurrents 2016, Monstrous has been performed several times including in Toronto at the rock.paper.sistahz festival produced by b current; at McGill University for a conference on race and performance; and at the University of Georgia in Athens while Sarah was a visiting Artist-in-Residence.   The full script of the play has been published in (Issue 13.3).
Since Monstrous, Sarah has been a Playwright in Residence at GCTC and Artist-in-Residence at the National Arts Centre’s English Theatre where she has been working on two new scripts. One of them, Heartlines, was workshopped this spring by TACTICS. The second, Double Helix, will be workshopped in December 2018.  Stay tuned for further news on those two projects.
At this time, Sarah is looking to produce Monstrous again.  If you have interest in working with her, please contact Sarah directly at

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